From a shy little boy who used to trip over his feet and mumble through songs, Josiah is now more confident on stage, articulates better, and has a groove to his moves that never fails to make us smile. The MCAoS Twinklestars programme has not only trained Josiah in singing and dancing, but has also cultivated the “I believe I can do it” mentality in him, and provided many opportunities for Josiah to showcase what he has learnt.

We want to thank MCAoS and all the passionate and patient teachers who have helped Josiah to enjoy learning the arts in a nurturing environment. He has improved in his interaction and communication with people (even strangers!). And his ability to absorb the words of the rhymes and songs, as well as dance steps taught by his teachers, is also reflected in his growing repertoire of songs and dances. 

Beverly Sim- Josiah Kuo

Naomi joined the Twinklestars class when she was 3. The classes were intimate and instrumental to her development. She has definitely grown more expressive and she really enjoys the catchy songs and dance taught by Teacher Maria. We also like the quarterly showcase as it gives the children the opportunity to present themselves and helps to build their confidence.

Yi Yuan - Naomi Ito 

Before we sign up Kayven for twinklestar class, we are worry if he can adapt to it or not, as he is a very shy boy and rarely communicate with others.
But the Teachers very patient to guide him and we are glad to see his progression on the stage and dance together with his friends.. Kayven now is more confident, outgoing and love to make friends.. he also enjoy and look forward to attend the classes every week.

June Kong - Kayven 

"received more than ONE DSA offer"

Veronica Yeo - Le Yang

Confident communicator of the 21st century – hearing this from Le Yang’s form teacher is such an assuring assessment I received when attending graduation day.

Aces PSLE on results day is another reassuring moment. Receiving more than 1 DSA offers take away so much stress and allows Le Yang to focus on just doing his best. These are possible with immense thanks to Teacher KP and her fabulous team.


Training and getting examinations certificates are important and many performing arts school offer it. The Unique X factor here is the public performance platforms and castings leading to rich fruitful roles that built Le Yang’s confidence to achieve so much over the years. He was able to handle the DSA interviews with ease and take the PSLE exams in stride; always happy and not stressed up.


Another huge plus point is full marks on oral exams both for English and Chinese till P5 and almost full marks at P6. Oral is a big component to overall marks and it was certainly a great contribution to getting that A for Chinese which is his weakest subject. Always grateful to Teacher  KP and her team for endlessly sourcing opportunities for the kids to perform and bringing out the best in them so they shine like stars.

Building Stage confidence

The school has taught me so much over the years.

Thank you for giving me so many wonderful opportunities to build up my stage confidence and enabling me to truly appreciate the art of performing! This is indeed a school like no other!

Pan Xi - student since 2013


Académie of Stars not only provides training for my kids but also provided them platform to perform which make them more confident of themselves.

Celine Toh - Keane Yap


Juno was always keen on performing and loved her musical theatre classes from the first day she joined. She always looks forward to learning new dance steps and songs and she makes a lot of new friends.

We have seen Juno grow into a more confident and personable young girl from her short time at this school!

We find the encouragement given by KP, Fiona, Momo, Jamal and the rest of the AoS team very valuable for the continued growth of our daughter.

Lena Dewa - Juno

Believes in their students

Thank you AoS and Aunty KP for believing in all your students and for coaching us well.

I would not have achieved so much without you.

You are the best and shine on!

Pan Yu Hui - DSA student


My girl has been in this performing arts school for a long time now, and I absolutely recommend it.
The amazing relationships and experience gotten here is something that can never be replaced.
She absolutely loves the place and through their programmes, I can really see her inner star coming through.
Have been feeling part of this big family as well! Programmes very carefully handcrafted for the kids, one of the best I've seen, after being to multiple performing arts schools.
Also has a talent pool, where my girl has been selected for several successful castings and gotten her bit of fame from! People there are some of the best. No kidding.

Happy Bee 5678