About Youngsters Programme

  YOUNGSTARS is our performance training program for 7-12 years old.  

This holistic program trains primary school children performance training through different levels of singing, acting and dancing. These triple-threat skills are coupled with the nurturing of champion mindset to prepare for performances before an audience. The training also includes experience in audio and video recording of the delivery. YoungStars will perform before an audience at least once a semester.  


Level 1: Grades 1-3 

Level 2: Grades 4-5 


DURATION of each Class : 2 hours per lesson 

There are 4 components in each class for YOUNGSTARS:  Sing, Dance, Act and Performance Training 

Each component is made up of :
i) WarmUps  ii) Technique    iii)  Content 



Stellar_Stars Primary_27_edited.jpg
  • Sing with right vocal production, expression and flair.   

  • Dance with agility and grace  

  • Perform with conviction and confidence 

  • Possess star quality and professionalism in performing 

  • 100% Respect and Zero fear to combat stage fright and achieve success.   


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On completion of this program our YOUNGSTARS will be able  to:  

  • Sing musically in front of an audience  

  • Dance with proper technique in front of an audience  

  • Act expressively in front of an audience  

  • Speak with clarity and audibility  

  • Perform confidently on stage to an audience  

  • Understand the process of performing for an audience  

  • Able to audition for roles for stage performances  

  • Understand how to project their personality and energy to have the X factor 


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✰ Training Period: January - May
✰ Stage Performance: May


Académie Awards - Year end Concert
✰ Training Period: July - November  
✰ Stage Performance: November

Music Videos
✰ Training Period: July - September  
✰ Showcase: September